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  • Features of the Best Online Dispensary
    Weed has always been a natural remedy for many people. When Canada legalized weed for both recreational and medical purposes in 2018, many people started looking for high quality products online. Online dispensaries are able to offer more selections and higher quality products at cheaper prices. They're able to get you whatever you're looking for, and more importantly, you can join a community...
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  • 5 Reasons to Buy Weed Online
    Since 2018, weed has been legalized in Canada for both recreational and medical uses, which means that you can smoke or use it as a form of medicine or for fun. It really doesn’t matter. There are, however, some restrictions on where you can smoke weed and whether you can grow any plants at home by yourself.    If you want to incorporate weed into your daily routine, you have...
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  • What to Cook with Distillate
    As seasoned smokers use weed regularly, they’ll usually notice that their tolerance level will go up. Soon, they’ll need to smoke more in order to achieve the same effects. If you are smoking to relieve some type of ailment, you might not want to spend so much time smoking. Or, you might want to find a discreet way to ingest THC, so you don’t always reek of weed.  We...
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